not a blog

For a while now I’ve been looking for a place to collect long-form thoughts. Naturally, I’ve been considering starting a blog. But the thought of making a post on a date feels final. Although you might come across blog posts that have been amended, it feels like a cheat. Almost like you acknowledge a mistake and highlight it for all to see forever more.

All good software engineers understand that true perfection is impossible to reach, but through the art of iteration we can strive forever closer. And with this thought in mind, I decided to try something different to a blog. Instead, what you’ll find here, is a place where I happily and unapologetically dump thoughts. I make no promises around immutability. Instead I will edit and change where and when I see fit. Sometimes I’ll post rough drafts of ideas I wish to explore in detail later. Other times Ill post long form essays. One promise I can make is that you will find no consistency here.

On the home page you’ll find a list of posts thoughts. They will be ordered in a particular manner. The order is of an ancient origin, and it is called alphabetical. Some thoughts will be long, others will be short. Most are bound to change with time.

That is it. This is not a blog. Just some thoughts.